Prins Residence

Recipient of the Canadian Housing Design Council Award, 1976.

"An excellent plan and layout, meeting the requirements of a young family with children. The potential future expansion and change is thought out and developed. The built-ins are a good example of how limited floor space can be exploited to advantage.
The Location of the house on the lot is excellent with a clever use of corners. The site is well landscaped and in spite of its flat roof, the house integrate very well, as to scale and character, with the neighboring houses of quite typical suburban house design.
This is a good example of "sweat-equity" plus a clever use of construction. A very good arrangement of the fireplace-mass, effecting space and cost-saving in minimum dimensions. Good choice of interior and exterior materials and finishes. The interior living spaces are excellent for such compactness and there is a sense of openness and comfort in the house."

-Canadian Housing Design Council. 1976.